There are unsaid others, but the theme of this year for me is simplicity so I’ll keep it to three here:

1) De-clutter my space and my mind. My personal inbox currently has 59,078 unread messages. I’m spending my spare time in January deleting messages, starring the ones that need a reply, spamming the repeat stuff that I never open, and using my device to communicate, not procrastinate. And I’ma keep my desk clear as much as I can make myself—I spent the week after classes ended cleaning up the space around my desk, and 1) I can see my floor again, and 2) I think my wife loves me a bit more with the additional 6-8 square feet in our bedroom/office. I’m imposing austerity measures on my to-do list, cutting off the tasks I know I’ll never do, and giving myself more doable long-term weekly tasks that I have a reasonable chance of actually doing. This resolution, most importantly, is led by an acknowledgement of perhaps my greatest weakness: My need to have a well-stocked stack of material unsorted and things undone.

2) Fully inhabit my spaces in my communities. This includes my family, my Manhattanville College community, my fellow educators and activists in justice reform, my elected space in the lowest-ranked body of Brooklyn Democratic politics, and any additional spaces I find for myself in advancing empathic progressive values.

3) And most important: 60,000 WORDS, MOTHERFUCKERS.

3b) Oh, and get rid of this gut.

AuthorJohn Proctor