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"I Was Young When I Left Home" is my digital autobiography. The word "digital" implies two things: 1) That I conceived it to share in the digital medium, and 2) That I wrote it in fragments, or digits. I used to call this project "The List and the Story," for which I wrote a more extensive introduction (which you can read here) but I always thought that title was kind of staid (as is the word "staid"). Now I'll simply say this: I wrote most of the digits on their own, and arranged them as I went, into decade blocks, a self-titled opening piece (originally published in the now-defunct Defunct Magazine), and a coda I call "The Beginning and the End" (which I presented at the VIII Congreso Internacional de Minificción in 2014).

I kind of like it in its present configuration, but it's always subject to change as my life does.