Last night I was in the kitchen when my wife yelled from the bedroom. Went back there, and water was pouring down from our ceiling fan onto our bed. Grabbed buckets, called our super, ran upstairs and pounded on the door of the empty apartment (our upstairs neighbors had just moved out). I could hear the sound of running water, and it was starting to come out the bottom of the door onto the stairs. Our super, a spry, energetic, and frankly amazing Puerto Rican man in his 80s, ran up the stairs and slipped a credit card into the door. We went in and heard hissing beneath the sink. The windows had all been left open, so it was probably 15-20 degrees in the apartment. Under the sink , the cold water pipe had (predictably) burst, and by the time we found it, water had already been seeping through the floorboards into the ceiling above our bedroom. I grabbed a mop and started mopping while the super went to turn off the water and perform emergency surgery the water pipes.

By the time I got downstairs, my wife had moved our mattress into the living room. By the morning, both girls and the dog had joined us. Our new upstairs neighbor is supposed to move in today, with a floor that sinks a bit when you walk on it from the saturation.

So, how was your night?

AuthorJohn Proctor