Beyond the Rhetoric of Pain Cover.jpg

I’m so excited to announce my first chapter publication in a Routledge anthology, “Notes Toward a Working Definition of Mopecore” in Beyond the Rhetoric of Pain! This is both a critical and a personal essay/chapter, which developed first out of a conversation with some colleagues, and then out of a year of intense personal and professional pain. I think it might be my best work, but maybe I always think that about the latest thing I publish. Anyway, from editor Berenike Jung’s introduction:

"John Proctor's contribution begins with a touching story narrating the anguish of his small daughter about the death of a fictional cat...Her grief taps into a deeper truth, which Proctor connects to both a historical and a very contemporary pain...Proctor consults an array of late-twentieth century thinkers and theorists as well as representations in literature, film, and television, to demonstrate the proximity of laughter and tears, but he also opens up an intensely personal and deeply touching witnessing of this moment."

You can buy it here! (Yes, I know, it’s expensive.)

AuthorJohn Proctor