Here's another way my wife amazes me. I talk a great game, but she's all about action. We're now out of our baby-carrier days, and had a couple lying around - it turns out these little things that have outlasted their usefulness for us are in dire demand in Greece and other countries currently taking in thousands of homeless Syrian refugees, many of whom have been carrying their children in their arms for hundreds of miles and desperately need the simple relief a child carrier provides.

The charity, Carry the Future, was started by a mom in Glendale, California months ago. They have the infrastructure in place and have been distributing carriers for months to refugees. Every single one gets used, and they have a need for many more. This is a simple, fairly easy way to take something you may have sitting around as well, and put it in the hands (or on the shoulders) of people who need it more than we can know.

Here's the address below, and you can always donate to the charity here.

AuthorJohn Proctor