I've read that I shouldn't get excited about this, but it's my first nomination so what the hell: I'M EXCITED!

I'm excited because my editor Greg Olear at The Weeklings is a really awesome guy, and I'm beaming that he thought the piece worthy of nomination.

I'm excited because the subject of the piece, baseball collector Zack Hample, gave me so much of his time and presence, especially considering he was in the middle of the most media-saturated summer he'll probably ever experience. It felt, for such a long piece, like it kind of wrote itself.

I'm excited because, yes, it is a long piece, and maybe the words "Pushcart-nominated" might convince you, if you haven't read it already, that it's worth a half hour or so of your time.

Mostly, I'm excited because this, unlike some of my writing, was genuinely fun to write, and many nice readers have told me it's a fun read.

Anyway, so read it already! Or read it again, if you already have!

AuthorJohn Proctor