Breeds of Misery: Pedophilia/Incest, patricide, bearing false witness as Santa

Best/worst lines: "I guess he was givin' Millie's bruises time to heal. Of course he told us she was sick and we believed him. And at the department store as Santa we would see him. As he smiled, his own child was at home plottin', how off the face of this earth she was gonna knock him."

This is the Flowers in the Attic of Christmas tunes, daring you to stop listening as it piles heap upon heap of atmospheric detail until you only keep listening in the quixotic hope of a good end for poor Millie. The close of the song is actually fairly open-ended, prompting a "sequel" by hip-hop collective Atmosphere, "Millie Fell Off the Fire Escape." Not much mystery as to how that ended.

AuthorJohn Proctor