Well, complete is probably the wrong word. I'll be working out some issues with my mother and aunt next week about some details of All You Need to Know, and the nature of the project means it will always be shifting and expanding as my life does. That said, The List and the Story has a shape and form now, and I hope it has a cohesion and moves people as it continues its development.

I thought I'd give some deets on readership over the last four months of posting these things, if only because I find these things interesting and gratifying. I began work on my author site last January, so it's been up for essentially a year now. As you can see below, from January -April I essentially had no audience, which was fine because I essentially had no content on the website; I was putting up links to my work, and figuring out how I wanted to use the blog. From May-August, as I started updating my blog more frequently, I averaged 200-250 visits and 300-400 pages views. Finally, from September-December, the time I've been posting almost daily updates to The List and the Story, I've seen a huge spike in both visits (over 1,000 average monthly) and page views (around 1,800 average). Squarespace (my ISP) also adding the Audience Size tracking mechanism in September, which I haven't completely figured out; that's the bottom line which suddenly comes to life in September.

Website Overview 2013.png
Website Monthlies 2013.png

Anyway, I'm not sure how interesting this will be to most of my readers (especially the non-writer variety), but I found it fascinating, especially as I begin thinking this week about how to proceed with the website and blog in the New Year. I'll be posting a few ideas, and probably asking for some, in the next few days; would love to hear anyone's thoughts.

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