It's about Trump and oppression, and sentences and truth, and Rikers and language, and other things, with some of my own sentence diagramming art to go with it. Here's a bit:

"Language is also the primary paradigm governing the structural understanding of ourselves, and as such is perhaps the most powerful tool not just of academic disciplines, historical narratives, and generational tradition, but also of repressive governments, rapacious industrialists and capitalists, and dusty schoolmarms and mansplainers. To Control the Message is to dictate how to use our common language: to put it in a box, to diagram its meaning as if any word or sentence or thought had only one meaning, as if any person or institution had the right to impose that meaning on the rest of our shared world."

Read the rest here

Thanks so much to Karen Babine for pulling it out of me in strands. It's also pretty fucking awesome to be the written company of Nicole Walker, Terry Ann Thaxton, Michele Morano, and a roomful of other amazing written voices in the issue.

AuthorJohn Proctor