I think this might be The Year of Big Reading for me. My friend Michael, on finishing all of Proust, has decided to start a Moby Dick reading club, so I'm on board with that. And on my friend Baldur's recommendation I embarked on Karl Ove Knausgaard's epic 6-volume My Struggle over the past week. And according to this New Yorker piece by Joshua Rothman I really can't read Knausgaard without also reading Elena Ferrante's Neopolitan novel series, so I'm picking up the first volume of that this week. Along with essays and research for my own work, that should constitute my reading for the year.

Also, after resolving to get back into running form this time last year, I can now pronounce myself In Shape. So, this year I'm resolving to run at least 1,000 miles. A fairly modest goal, but I've never been a high mileage guy.

So what I'm saying is, If Melville, Knausgaard, Ferrante, and/or 1,000 miles are on any of your To Do (or Done) lists, we must talk profusely.

AuthorJohn Proctor