I was going to spend this week blogging about how I spent the past two months, but then things got a little testy, at least in this place. (And that place.) (And this place again.) I can't promise those things won't come up again, but for now let's talk about fun stuff.

Like reading! I did lots of that this summer. One thing I read was on the suggestion of Steven Church, who asked me if I'd like to review Andrew Malan Milward's short story collection I Was a Revolutionary for The Normal School. It's a really great read, and we had some great conversation about it, now up on TNS's website. And the book is out this week!

I've also been reading a lot of work for a set of essays I started this summer that I'll be working on for the next few months, all of which are in some way about misfits, outcasts, and people who just missed greatness or happen to be great at things that nobody attaches much value to. I've been researching and writing the first essay for the past few weeks, but more on that with the next post...

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