I'm happy to announce that the Satellite Collective's Telephone Project is now live, and the New York Times wrote a piece on it this weekend! (Oh, and I have a microfiction on the map.) Tonight's release party at the Bowery Poetry Club will be livestreamed on HipChat, if you're into that sort of thing. I'll be there in the flesh.

Here's a bit on it from the website:

TELEPHONE works just like the children’s game of the same name. Also called Operator, Grapevine, Phonebook, Ear-To-Ear, TELEPHONE is simple. One person comes up with a message and whispers it to another person. That person whispers to the next person. As the whispered message travels through it the sequence of players, the message changes, it evolves, it surprises.
In our game of TELEPHONE, we whispered the message from art form to art form. So the message could become poetry, then a painting, then music, then film, and so on. Each artist was only aware of the work of art that directly preceded her or his own. Each artist received a work and was told to translate the message into the language of his or her own art form.
This interactive, online exhibition presents 315 original and interconnected works in 18 different art forms, created specifically for this experiment by artists from 159 cities in 42 countries. And it all originated with a single message.





AuthorJohn Proctor