One of the things I like most about Kevin Drew as a songwriter is, He is not afraid to go there. I say that, I guess, as a warning: Listen too hard to the lyrics, and you'll find some seriously fucked up shit. But you know, and don't judge me, sometimes it is just so goddamn beautiful and artful and self-knowing. Like:

I don't love, I just fight with the violence in ourselves
Cuz it's all gonna break!
And you all want the lovely music to save your lives, we'll keep it coming, there is no lie to save your lives.

But a good running song is not about the lyrics. It's about aural propulsion. And for ten solid minutes, it does that. Like a good run, it has peaks and valleys, but it always moves, and its crescendos are positively transcendent. I could put this on repeat and run to it for hours.

(Knowing my mother-in-law is perhaps my #1 reader, I feel the need to apologize for all the profanity. Instead, though, I'll just say, They're from Toronto!) (She lives outside Toronto.)

AuthorJohn Proctor