Breeds of Misery: Indeterminate

Best/Worst Verse: "It's Christmas time again, I'm happy for you."

Are you always the one at the office holiday party complaining about being single (or being married)? Are you always sad by December 15th because you've already broken next year's resolutions? When you take an online quiz to see which Christmas special character you are, does it always come up Charlie Brown in A Charlie Brown Christmas? Then this is the carol for you! I’ve been amazed for more than two decades now (this comes from 1992's A Very Special Christmas 2) at how well Gary Cherone can drain a holiday of all the fun, even when he’s singing lines that aren’t even really that depressing.

(If this isn't enough yuletide misery for you, check out last year in my Annotated Playlists.)

AuthorJohn Proctor