Breeds of Misery: Poverty, wealth, being chased by a bloodthirsty king

Best/Worst lines: "People love the working man who does the best that he can, but don't forget all the horses and toys never could fix the poor, little, rich boys...People say they love the maid who sweats and toils just like a slave, but don't forget all the diamonds and pearls never could fix the poor little rich girls...Don't forget Jesus, Mary and Joseph, running from the law King Herod had imposeth, and they were each one quite odd: a mensch, a virgin and a god."

This song, sung by one of North America's great musical families, seems to be the spiritual flipside of Do They Know It's Christmas, taking as its mantra a quote from Twentieth-Century journalist Sydney J. Harris: "The rich who are unhappy are worse off than the poor who are unhappy; for the poor, at least, cling to the hopeful delusion that more money would solve their problems - but the rich know better." This helps me stomach Mr. Potter, and his spiritual flipside and identical twin Dick Cheney, whenever I see them scoff and harrumph yet again on TV.

AuthorJohn Proctor