So from now on, every Friday I'll post my Song of the Week. The only criteria will be that I like, no love these songs. I'll give you entirely subjective reasons why, including hyperbole, unauthorized artist background, unsubstantiated dicta, and uncomfortable details from my personal life. You will listen to these songs, and enjoy. First up is my vote for the Greatest Song of All Time.


A few reasons I might not be waxing hyperbolic in declaring this perhaps the greatest song on record:

  • Its themes, as implied in the title and borne out in the lyrics, are both child-like and eternal; to wit: "I'll be true to you, oh yeah you know I will/I'll be true to you forever, or until/I go home."
  • Speaking of lyrics, it's penned by Daniel Johnston!
  • Neko Case sings backup!
  • M. Ward's solo stuff is roughly 4 1/2 times better than his stuff with She & Him, which is also great.
  • If you can listen to it without moving spasmodically, you should audition to be an extra on one of the most popular shows on television.
  • Finally, I first heard it when getting to know Pandora, where I first heard M. Ward, and my wife, who developed a shared love of his music with me. Both are personal favorites of mine.
AuthorJohn Proctor