In the summer of 1988, Frank Donald Goodish was stabbed to death in a locker room shower  in Puerto Rico by Jose Huertas Gonzalez. Huertas had followed him into the shower with the knife concealed in a towel after telling Goodish he wanted to talk to him about a contract dispute. Both were professional wrestlers, and Huertas represented Carlos Colon, the commissioner of the World Wrestling Council, a Puerto Rican wrestling federation. Colon was nervous that Goodish was going to use his accumulated wealth to buy a stake in the WWC. Goodish had toured extensively through the United States and Japan, and was rumored to be looking to retire from active wrestling and invest in the Latin American wrestling market. After being stabbed, Goodish was reportedly left bleeding on the shower floor until his friend Tony Atlas, perhaps the only American wrestler at the venue, carried him to an ambulance. Goodish died during surgery, and Huertas was later acquitted of all charges by a jury of his peers. Goodish’s stage name was Bruiser Brody.

AuthorJohn Proctor