...But if there is a time when New Yorkers take notice of their watery condition, it’s summer. And I find kids especially attuned to any hint of water, from ocean to fountain to puddle. My last Parks Series entry focused more on the destructive capacity of the water around us, but one of the many great things about kids is that they don’t see that. They see puddles to jump in, waves crashing into them, sparkly reflectors of golden sunshine and azure sky.
Every single one of my trips to parks last summer with Stringbean involved water. It was a prerequisite, and she took great pains at the beginning of each adventure to pack her swimsuit, apply her sunscreen, and find out in advance not which parks we were visiting but what water would be involved. And being an adult with a remarkable capacity for sapping the mystique and fun out of these spontaneous encounters with my children and my child-self, I’ve spent some time codifying and categorizing these experiences.  Once a month this summer, I’d like to present to you my findings. For my June post, I’ll tell you about one of my favorite categories of water-mongering: ferry-riding.

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AuthorJohn Proctor