Alrighty, so the Ephemera section is now prettier, though still a bit sparse; I'll be collecting my random projects from the last 10-20 years (including - gasp - some juvenalia I recently found online) and putting them up there soon.

Also, I'm currently making sure I now have the rights to a couple of pieces, "The Transfiguration of Señor Gato" from New Madrid Journal of Contemporary Literature and "Over and Under" from Imagination and Place: Weather - when I have that clarified, I'll post them online here.

I'll soon be dividing the Criticism section into music criticism and writing criticism, and adding all my reviews from Trouser Press and New York Cool to the music section. And I'll also be adding a Reportage section to the writing tab, and posting "journalistic" (whatever that means) pieces I've done on post-Katrina damage, blue crabs (of course), and the CUNY language immersion program where I used to teach.

And finally, my major website project for the summer is something called "The List and the Story," original web-only work which I'll be unveiling piece by piece very soon. O, the mystique!

AuthorJohn Proctor