One of the primary homes my writing has found is with Numero Cinq, which founder/editor Douglas Glover calls "a warm place on a cruel web." As a writer, editor, and mentor, Doug has been one of my great influences. Almost every piece of mine he published on NC went through extensive editorial back-and-forth before he accepted it for publication, and all of them are better for it. Here is a list of my NC pieces, which are also linked under the Writing tab above.

Personal Essays:

  • "The Immortality of the Crab," 6/24/11 - Hybrid essay exploring the philosophy of crabbing, book collecting, and socialist political theory
  • "What It's Like Living Here," 3/4/11 - Cultural and historical essay about New York City, with my work commute providing the guideposts
  • "Burroughs & Son," 5/24/10 - Personal essay recounting William Burroughs, his family, and their dealings with my own family

Critical Work:


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