Long time (read: pre-List and the Story) readers may remember a post I made at the beginning of the summer about a fishing trip I took with Paul Greenberg and a merry band of fools aboard the Karen Ann, captained by James "Frankie" Culleton. Well, Paul has recently transcribed Frankie's horrifying, seat-of-his-pants story of weathering Hurricane Sandy and its aftermath for the New York Times. Here's a bit:

I realize it’s like being in your boat. No one’s gonna help you.
So I said maybe we have to try to get the kids out and hopefully the fire don’t come. You could see the shock in the wife’s face. You could see it but she was hiding it to make the kids not be scared. They’re upstairs playing with their Transformer toys.
And the water keeps coming and I’m thinking about the people down south during Hurricane Katrina — how they got caught in their attics and drowned. I think we might need to cut a hole in the roof. We got a cordless saw. But we got no power.
And that’s when I look out the window and I see the water joining up — the bay is hooking up with the ocean. The water’s all around. It’s just like being on a boat at sea.

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AuthorJohn Proctor