I went into business as an independent online bookseller. This sprouted from selling off my own books, CDs, and videos, but was rooted just as much in a wish to get back at Borders, Barnes & Noble, and every other corporate bookseller that put my favorite independent bookstores out of business in the Nineties. I took out a DBA, got a tax ID, and started itemizing space in my room for tax purposes. I picked up books from the street and the trash, bought collections from teachers, museums, libraries, a radio/TV personality, and one former hit man. I called Wayne Martin at his furniture store, and finally had something to talk about—he told me what to write off, expounded on the importance of customer service, and asked me if I’d started an IRA. I didn’t quit my day job.

Just added to The List and the Story: My Aughts

AuthorJohn Proctor