Today, after reading Amy Butcher's wonderful recent piece on Gawker, I noticed an interesting background photo on her Facebook page: a screenshot she'd taken after Googling "Why are writers" and letting autofill work its magic. Some of the finishes included "so pretentious," "depressed," "crazy," "weird," "important," and "lonely."

This inspired a two-hour timesuck during my office hours today, wherein I typed "why are ________" into Google just to see how it autofilled the rest. The autofills for actors, politicians, corporations, and singers offered some elucidating glimpses into our collective psyche, but my early favorite was unicorns (some autofills included "healthier than dragons," "hollow," "so awesome," "real," and "mentioned in the bible"). Go ahead, try it - it's addicting!

A by-product of my time-wasting was the idea for a new banner, which you see below, which I'm still figuring how to integrate into the site. I think most of it describes me pretty well.

Screen shot 2013-10-21 at 1.33.16 PM.jpg
AuthorJohn Proctor