The conflict between water protectors, industry, and law enforcement at the Standing Rock Sioux reservation in the Dakotas is a study in dialectics, at once contemporary and historical, physical and metaphysical, personal and collective. I've been grappling with these conflicts and irresolutions since deciding to travel to Standing Rock in early November. As with everyone I've talked to there or who has made the trip there, I've been disturbed with media misrepresentation of the movement, to which this page is partially a response. I make no pretense to authority - I'm much more interested in gathering as many voices of the struggle as I can and putting them in conversation with each other.

This project is a work in progress. I'm not sure exactly how this will end up, but my general intention right now is to collect a digital oral history of the protest, organizing the voices contextually as I go. Right now, I'm collecting sources; my plan soon is to start sorting through the sources to show context, contradiction, and story. I'll be updating regularly, and will indicate recently added material. Please do feel free to make any comments or suggestions via email, Facebook, or Twitter (all accessible via links at the bottom right corner).

Also, most of the sources are active crowdsourced projects, so I'm including links to donate when applicable, including a page devoted specifically to ways to donate. Please consider this, as it's the most tangible way to contribute the our communal struggle to protect our water.