Just to show I haven't been doing nothing while absent from my web space, I want to proclaim three upcoming pubs!

First, in early April I'll have a review of Patrick Madden's essay collection Sublime Physick on Numero Cinq. This will be my first piece on NC in a couple of years and I love me some Madden, so I'm excited about that.

Also, my piece "The Beginning and the End," a prologue/epilogue to my List and the Story stuff that I presented at the VIII International Conference on Microfiction in 2014, will be published sometime this summer in Minificción y nanofilología: Latitudes de la hiperbrevedad, an anthology of microfiction published by Iberoamericana-Vervuert (Madrid/Frankfurt).

And finally, I'm happy to announce my second publication in New Madrid Journal of Contemporary Literature, a personal essay called "The Eternal Return of the Grievous Angel." That'll be in the summer issue.