Just got my volume of The Best American Essays 2015 in the mail today, with the bonus of my name in the Notables section! My essay "The Question of Influence" from last fall's edition of The Normal School got me my virgin selection. I pulled the book out of its envelope, opened it to the Notables list, and showed my two daughters.

ME: Look in here. <pointing at my entry> What’s that say?
MY 6-YEAR-OLD: John Proctor.
ME: Who’s that?
6YO: It’s you! You’re in this book?
ME: Kind of. I’m a notable American essayist.
BOTH GIRLS: <look at each other, then both jump around and scream simultaneously>
6YO: You’re in a book!
3YO: I’m gonna hug your butt now. <hugs my butt>


AuthorJohn Proctor