When you’re having this crazy dream that you and your wife continually break into the same apartment, not to steal anything but just to live in it for a few hours—the apartment belongs to another couple, who have a cat and a Vitamix and a balcony, and you sometimes grill out on the balcony and always feed the cat, and sometime in the course of the dream you think, This would be a great feature piece, about one couple living the life of another couple for a few hours at a time and leaving that life like they found it, and in the dream you pitch the article to numerous high-end publications, until one time when the two of you enter the apartment an alarm goes off, and you think to yourself, This must be the end of this story, and you feel two fingers jabbing your arm and your wife hissing, “Why is your alarm going off? It’s Saturday!” And as you shift worlds you think how great a story that would have been, only you know neither you nor your wife is the type of person to break into someone else’s home, so the only thing you can think to do to give voice to this story is to tap it out here and promptly forget about it.

What are the Sneaky Feels?

AuthorJohn Proctor