When your seven-year-old daughter sees you sending off a book manuscript and asks what that is, and you tell her it’s your book, and she asks you what it’s about and you reply, “My life, mostly.” And she asks, “Like, your childhood?” and says she wants to read it, and you tell her it’s not really for kids. And she asks, brow furrowed, “Your childhood's not for kids?” Then she asks if you put in the part about getting in the newspaper for catching a tropical fish at the lake in your town when you were around her age, and you stop for a moment, manuscript in hand. “No,” you say. “I didn’t even think to put that in. That’s a good memory.” “You should put that in your next book,” she says. Make sure to put that in your next book.

What are the Sneaky Feels?

AuthorJohn Proctor