When you watch footage of police sic’ing dogs on protestors at Standing Rock, hear that Officer Daniel Pantaleo has been given a raise and overtime in the year after he choked Eric Garner to death for selling cigarettes while more police are responsible for more black deaths in Tulsa and Charlotte, go on sports discussion boards and read all the comments from randos who think that a second-string professional quarterback should be tried for treason for having the temerity to protest the flag of a country founded on suspicion of government, and you stop retreating into not-all-of-us defensiveness and admit that you, male and/or white, have received so many benefits of so many doubts that you want to sob for every one of them, knowing you didn’t care to notice the time the cops merely laughed at your drunken ass rather than tasing, choking, or shooting you when you accused them of harassment after they pulled your friend’s car over with you in it when your friend did a donut in front of the club at 2am. Go ahead and sob, even hate yourself a bit, and decide you should do something. Then do something. Or don’t. The self-loathing will remain either way. If the self-loathing ceases, you’ve ceased in doing the something you set out to do.

What are the Sneaky Feels?

AuthorJohn Proctor